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What is Digital Transformation?

By Anupama Sharma on June 19, 2019 0 Comments • Tags: #digitaltransformation

Digital Transformation: A Comprehensive Introduction

Digital presence is a must for businesses to grow, and yet many of us couldn’t conceptualize what it consists of. Digital transformation is a key where you see your brand to reach the next level of marketing. Here in this article I’d be writing about the most searched and must to know question “What is Digital Transformation?”

Ever since the shout about Digital presence, you might have spent so much time discovering, reading and googling about digital transformation but despite making all the efforts, still trying to figure out the overall – extensive introduction of digital transformation.

Every time you google, you’ll see n number of definitions of Digital Transformation. We just go by lots of reading and end up integrating some of the new digital technologies and wait for the Jinn to magically convert them into a digital business. But as a matter of fact, it doesn’t go that way.

So what we do then if it doesn’t work that way??

Okay, so first we need to understand, that Digital Transformation is a lot more than adopting new technologies. Digital itself denotes a very large part of technology.

Digital transformation is a shift in customer behavior.

Digital Transformation is a move from traditional customer behavior to a modern customer approach.

Digital constantly changing the business. Now consumer decides the market. Sitting at a place with smartphone consumers have more choice than ever before. A simple keyword takes them to lots of vendors. You provide them more, Consumer wants more. Digital has turned the consumer into extremely demanding and less interested in suppliers.

In addition to that, the consumer has also found a much larger voice than ever before. Digital has given the most effective space where a single unhappy customer can diminish an organizations brand reputation, through REVIEW, Blog Post, or on social Media Handles. The customer has started understanding their own importance, has become more aware of the power change, and that leads them to behave more asking and demanding.

Now you understand – that is the Supremacy of digital, and gives the real meaning of digital transformation. digital awareness and implementations constantly changing the definition of digital transformation far away from technologies and more in favor of the customer. And that succession demands digital business transformation considerably more urgent than ever before.

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